Mod. 700.100  TOE-RAIL
Made in light-weight alloy toe-rail makes it possible to cover the joint between the hull and the deck attractively. Large holes make it lighter and provide countless strongholds for manoeuvres. It can be used on any type of boat from 33 to 50 ft. The standard supply is in 18 ft anodized rods. The design is elegant and the machining very precise. Weight: 1 kg/m
Mod. 700.400  FAIRLEAD
Shell-cast and carefully smoothed, this is used for mooring ropes or spring lines. It fits to the toe-rail by means of side joints which make it easy to assemble.
Mod. 700.500  STANCHION BASE
Shell-cast, carefully smoothed and elegant. The external part has a plug to insert in the toe-rail holes, while two countersunk holes in the base make it easy to clamp to the deck.
As above. A turning in the upper external part of the neck houses the roller for jib and mainsail furling gear lines.
Mod. 700.200  JOINT
Dovetailed on both sides for joining two toe-rails together in a very strong way and without the need for any particular modifications.
Mod. 700.300  END-FITTING
Also dovetailed, it completes and finishes off the toe-rail very smartly.