The Antal pedestal in carbon fibre relies on a belt drive that guarantees a light system. Thanks to the push buttons (MOD. C003), the person operating the handles can control one, two or more winches independently. Note that the push button does not engage the third speed: this can be still engaged by pushing the winch knob at the base of the winch. The system also comprises drive shafts (MOD. C004), in customised lengths on request, and gearboxes (MOD. C006). Moreover, the cardan joints (MOD. C005) allow the drive shafts to be angled even to a large degree, thus enabling them to adapt to any hull design. Antal pedestals have the following characteristics:

  • carbon fibre pedestal: with belt drive on toothed sheaves that are mounted on steel roller bearings;
  • drive-box: which transmits the drive from the pedestal to the axle of the single winch;
  • push-button: which turns the drive-box on and off, and permits to choose which winch to work on;
  • aluminium drive shaft: with black anodized ribbed end. Customised length on request;
  • aluminium universal joint: with HR S.Steel axles, mounted on both ends of the drive shaft, which enables to incline the shaft by large degrees;
  • gear box: in right and left hand version, bronze gears on ball/roller bearings, HR S.Steel axles and black anodized aluminium box.