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Snatch blocks are special in that they can be opened and closed simply by rotating their cheekplates. This simple fact makes them suitable for maneuvers which are fitted out before the block is placed, such as genoa and spinnaker sheets or mainsail halyard.

Antal realizes snatch blocks for safe working loads from 600 to 6500 kg and textile diameters from 6 to 28 mm. This variety of snatch blocks is divided into two main categories: blocks where the load is borne by a Dyneema loop, which serves also as link to the fixed point. And blocks where the load is borne by the block’s body itself, which thus can be linked the traditional way with a shackle. Snatch blocks with Dyneema loops include: Dynablock and Snatch looper. Snatch blocks without snap loops are instead the Snatch blocks.